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To clean your carpet the best you should vacuum it. To review a selection of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner bags visit Geyser Vacuum Center.

Looking for a new carpet or rug? Find information and products on area rugs and oriental rugs that you can view and learn more about the wide selection available.

When most of us think of carpet cleaning equipment, we think of a vacuum and a steam cleaner. Simple enough, isn't it? Unfortunately, there is more to it than that for the professionals. Not only must the professionals decide what brand equipment to buy, they will probably need more than just a standard vacuum and steam cleaner. Their options vary with many factors, including the type of carpet. Some carpets can only be dry-cleaned. Chemicals and spot cleaning equipment are needed for the really tough jobs, and it might even prove prudent to invest in truck-mounted equipment. Carpet cleaning equipment that is truck mounted is often more powerful and quicker than portable machinery. If this is the case, a gas-powered engine or some other power source may be needed. Detailing and upholstery tools make it possible to do a more complete job and to expand the services to include cleaning chairs and drapes. By adding a floor machine, the business can expand even further into cleaning non-carpeted floors.

Getting started in the carpet cleaning business could be done by renting the needed equipment, but renting often eats into the profits too deeply to be practical in for the long run, and rental equipment will not normally do as thorough of a job as commercial grade equipment. Buying new may cost several thousand just to get started, or discounts can sometimes be found with wholesalers and used equipment dealers.

Although high quality equipment and cleaning agents are important, the investment is only as good as the training in how to operate the equipment and how to clean different stains and muck from the many different types of carpet fibers. It is only through the combined efforts of the cleaning equipment and the knowledge of the professional that a rug truly gets the best cleaning.

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