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For most of us, the phrase 'fishing equipment' evokes mental images of a tackle box filled with an assortment of lures, hooks, and bobbers; rods and reels; and maybe even an old coffee can of nightcrawlers or other live bait. My husband and I, however, have been known to add some rather unorthodox items to our fishing equipment checklist.

Fishing equipment, for instance, doesn't usually include dog backpacks - the common wisdom, after all, forbids taking your dog fishing in the first place. Our dog, however, loved the half-mile hike to the river, loved romping along the sandy beach, the wooded slopes, and the rockier sections of shoreline. He never seemed to detract from the fishing even when he waded in after driftwood, so we got in the habit of using him as part of our fishing equipment. It was his job to carry most of our gear to the river in his packs, and, on the way home, haul our catch back up the steep trail.

We always kept a few emergency supplies at the bottom of the pack, including a muzzle for the dog. Another of our unorthodox items of fishing equipment, but we reasoned that, if we ever needed the muzzle for any reason, it would do us no good if it wasn't with us. We found out just how useful it could be one day while I was practicing my casting. The dog was exploring the hillside behind me. Unfortunately for him, my fishing equipment does not include interactive simulations of expert casting, and I somehow managed to "catch" him with my treble hook, piercing both upper and lower eyelids.

Walkie-talkies had never seemed like vital fishing equipment to us, either, but would have made the next few minutes much less frantic. With 50 pounds of strong and thrashing canine in my arms and 100 feet of rushing river between me and my spouse, I started to scream, scaring the dog even more. Finally, Jim heard me and came running to my rescue. Once he understood my panted explanation, he grabbed that suddenly essential piece of fishing equipment - the muzzle. No way we were getting anywhere near the poor dog's eye without it!

No tackle box full of fishing equipment is complete without a pair of needle-nosed pliers for hook removal, and, here at least, ours was no exception. After a brief but strenuous struggle, we managed to muzzle the dog, and, while I wrestled with him, Jim's steadier hand carefully worked the hook out. After that experience, you can be sure that our fishing equipment never again included our dog!

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