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Fitness equipment is often confused with exercise equipment, but that comparison is akin to comparing kindergarten with the entire school experience. Exercise is only one facet of fitness, and exercise equipment is only one category of fitness equipment.

So what is fitness equipment? The answer, by definition, is a personal one. Fitness is an individual pursuit, a striving for the perfect health of body, soul, and mind. For one, a gymful of exercise machines might do the trick. For another, it nay be a library filled with self-help books, And for a third, the sum of their fitness equipment might be a few minimal pieces of camping gear, a battered backpack, and a pair of well-worn hiking boots.

There are as many paths to fitness as there are people. Some require very little in the way of fitness equipment - yoga, t’ai chi, and other meditative disciplines often require little or no gear beyond a comfortable practice space. But fitness equipment can also mean a stable full of horses, fencing gear, or a grand piano.

You may not even be aware of the fitness equipment that is already a part of your daily life. Love getting down on the floor to play with your kids after a hard day’s work? Then your children’s toys, board games, and even their little bodies are fitness equipment, for you. Zone out and find inner peace while mowing the lawn or weeding the garden? Yup - those trusty yard tools are fitness gear, too.

If you allow your mind to open to the possibilities, almost anything can serve as fitness equipment. For the person who seldom gets a moment to themselves, a long bath or an hour for pleasure reading can provide great amounts of mental and emotional well-being. Fro the office worker who spends the day sitting, a long swim, a hard run, or a team sport can work wonders. From the simple - bubbles to blow, a pet to care for, to the complex - a home gym, a studio for painting - fitness equipment is wherever you choose to find it.

We have everything you need to know about fitness and exercise. Visit us for tips and other resources to help you get in shape and stay in shape.

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