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When making the decision to buy a guitar few would be buyers realize just how many guitar manufacturers are out there. It can be quite overwhelming and it is best to do your homework whether you are buying an electric guitar, bass guitar or acoustic guitar.

If interested in an acoustic guitar, one of the most well known guitar manufacturers in this area is Martin & Company. Martin & Company was established in 1833 and has for a century and a half been producing some of the most respected acoustic guitars in the country. They back up their well earned reputation with a high customer service standard and will repair, if necessary, any acoustic guitar they produce.

One of the most famous and respected guitar manufacturers of electric and bass guitars is, of course, Gibson. Known for years as a premier guitar manufacturer, Gibson still maintains a high standard of quality in their products. Young musicians everywhere covet a Les Paul guitar as well as their newer J-200 jumbo electric guitar. Many musicians also look to Gibson for their accessories such as amps and effects as well as quality made drums.

Fender Stratoscaster is also a well known manufacturer of guitars. Fender manufactures electric guitars, bass guitars and acoustic guitars. While their electric guitars are well respected in the music community, their sales of acoustic guitars does not meet the sales of their other products.

Yamaha is a name known to most musicians. Yamaha is a guitar manufacturer that also is known for a wide selection of musical instruments such as sells drums, keyboards and digital keyboards. Yamaha produces quality instruments sure to rival other guitar manufacturers.

These are only a few of the more well known guitar manufacturers. There is a plethora of manufacturers to choose from, most of which make a quality product. The rest is up to the guitar buyer, who must decide what type of guitar he wants, what guitar manufacturer he prefers and how much money he is willing to spend.