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When you are looking for a paintball gun you need to first think about the price. They can run anywhere from $150 to over $800. Decide if you want your gun to shoot fully-automatic or semi-automatic, as they shoot differently. Once you have a price set in your mind, you have to think about what type of power you want to use. Some paintball guns use CO2 Cartridges and some use CO2 tanks. A tank can hold a lot more CO2 plus you can get a lot more shots than you can with a Cartridge.

The next thing to decide on is the hoppers. You have many different hoppers to choose from, so be patient. You have a choice between automatic feed hoppers and gravity feed hoppers. The more high-tech the hopper, the more expensive it will be and the heavier it is. This is when you have to think how much you are going to shoot. Are you going to be accurate or are you going to just shoot a bunch of balls all at once so you are sure to hit something. If you want an accurate shot, then you most likely don't need an automatic feed hopper. I would just get a gravity feed hopper. If your going to just shoot a bunch of balls all at once, your best bet would be to go with an automatic feed hopper.

Once you get the gun, either a tank or a cartridge, and your hopper, its time to move on to the barrel. If you are going for more accurate shots, then you you'll want a longer barrel. This is simply because the longer the barrel, the more accurate the shot. Keep in mind that if you get a really long barrel the gun is going to be bulky and hard to handle. Try to find a happy medium between the length of the barrel and the bulkiness of the gun.

Finding the right Paintball Equipment:

You should first go to a local field or store and watch people use their guns and see what it is that they like and dislike about specific models. You should try and rent or borrow as many guns as you can before you go buy your own so you have a feel for the guns before you spend money on them.

You should always wear eye protection when you shoot your paintball gun. I would reccomend investing in the right safety equipment as well. If you get hit with a paintball without any padding or on bare skin, its really going to be painful.

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