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All About Photography Equipment

There are many things in the way of photography. You have all different types of cameras to pick from. You have manual cameras, digital cameras, and automatic cameras as the three basic types. No matter what the type, though, you should always read about the cameras to get an idea for what you are going to buy or what kind of camera you want, or need.

If you have more time and are looking to have more control over what your picture looks like then I would go with a manual or a digital camera. With the technology of today, digital cameras give you a lot of options. Either way, if you want more control over the outcome of the picture I would go in the direction of a manual or digital camera. With an automatic its more of a point and shot kind of thing, you can't focus it differently and the amount of control you have is limited.

Manual Photography Equipment

If you go with a manual make sure it has a good light meter, and make sure you can get a sensor-weighted metering system. If you can afford it, you should check out some of the different functions you can get with different cameras. The higher end cameras have more things you can see through the viewfinder. If you find a camera that's in your price range and it is a higher end model, make sure that it doesn't have too many functions that you are never going to use. It's nice to have a lot of toys to go with the camera but you don't want to get a camera that has all these functions that you are not going to use when you could have gotten a lower end one that was just as nice but didn't have those toys that you won't use anyway.

Digital Photography Equipment

For a digital camera you should by one that has the best resolution that you can afford. You want at least 2 or 3 mega pixels to get a really nice quality picture. You should also look for one that has a glass lends rather then a plastic lens. With a glass lens, you can see better and get a lot clearer pictures than you can with a plastic lens. You don't need to worry about how big the memory card is since most cameras allow you to upgrade the memory card if you find you need more space. When looking at the digital camera, you want to make sure that it is easy enough to download the pictures to your computer or to print them right from the camera. You don't want to get a digital camera and then realize it is impossible to download the pictures to your computer.

When looking to buy your camera, take careful consideration of the zoom. Also make sure you can have see through the viewfinder easily enough and look and see if the camera has an LCD display. The display makes it easier to take pictures sometimes. Plus, if you have a display on the camera you will be able to view the pictures as you take them.

Automatic Photography Equipment

For an automatic camera you want to look for almost the same things as you look for in a manual camera. You want to see all the different functions and you want to make sure it has a high quality focus because you won't be able to focus it on your own. The camera will do all the focus work so if you don't have a good focus, your pictures won't be as good as they could be.

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