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Ski equipment can sometimes be hard to pick out. There are so many things that you have to get such as skis, ski poles, ski boots, and ski bindings. Trying to find the ski equipment that fits you best and works best for you may be a little difficult.

First of all you have to buy the skis. They need to be just right. The skis should feel comfortable and shouldn't feel too sloppy. In my opinion if you have never skied before and are looking to ski just to see if you like it then you should buy used, or rent. If you buy a brand new pair for $250 and you find out you don't like to ski after your first time out, that's a pretty big waste of money.

Once you get the skis you need your ski boots. There are many styles. There are rear-entry and there are front entry boots. The rear entry boot is for the lower level of skiers, it is the easiest to get in and out of. While rear-entry boots may be the easiest to get in and out of they will also give you the least amount control on the hill. This may be good for a beginner even so, because they don't need to have the utmost control, they just need to get a feel for skiing and learn how to control themselves. Front entry boots are more of an advanced type of boot. You can still find beginner boots in the front entry, but they will generally have the most advanced levels in a front entry boot. You boot should be tight but not to tight to where it hurts your foot or you get sores from it pushing on your foot. You should have enough space for your toes to wiggle around but you want your heel to be remain firmly in place while you bend your knees slightly. The boot is one of the most important parts of ski equipment. The right boots can make you feel like an Olympic star where the wrong boots can make your day on the hill absolute hell.

Once you get your skis, and boots, its time to get the ski poles and bindings. Bindings are the safety part of the ski, it will pop your boot out of the ski if there is too much pressure or if it gets twisted too much, keeping you from getting extremely hurt. But you don't need the newest binding, they are all basically the same binding just different names on them so you don't really need to worry about a high level binding. Any binding will do as long as it's not broken or cracked. I wouldn't go with anything more then 5 years old as they do make some advances in the bindings.

The ski poles are in my opinion the easiest thing to pick out. All you need is to find a pair you like. There are different kinds of grips and designs on the poles. There are light weight ones and stronger ones. You should pick poles that you like and are comfortable to you. But the only thing you need to worry about is the height of the pole. There is a simple why to figure the size out. You flip the pole upside down ( so the pointy end is facing up) and you should have your arm go straight down from your shoulder, then make a 90 degrees turn out in front of your body at your elbow. Now your arm should look almost like an L. now if you grab the pole your hand should come up right against the basket on the bottom ( or top now as you flipped it over) of the pole.

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