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Getting the best from your softball equipment

The Amateur Softball Association was founded in 1933 by Fisher and Pauley. To protect the integrity of softball, the ASA appoints a committee every year to examine the equipment being used and make recommendations for the betterment of the sport.

It essentially rules on the balls and bats used to play the game. These are the two most important pieces of equipment one needs to play softball. When choosing a ball you need to keep in mind many things but primarily the weight of the softball you intend to use.

An 11 oz. heavy hitting softball is great training equipment for batters. However, players should be at least 14 years and above to gain benefit from the extra strength the ball will add. It can be used in tee and side-toss drills. A 7 oz. ball is another piece of training equipment to strengthen your arms and hands. Players of all ages will benefit from this weight and it is great for hitting and throwing. This softball is not recommended for pitching.

Buying a softball bat is a matter of personal preference and choice. The weight, material, designs of bat all are subject to personal choice within the parameters set by the ASA.

In addition to the above mentioned equipment you can also look to buy training equipment. There are many CDs and DVDs available for fastpitch softball and slowpitch softball training and improvement. You can get many instructional videos and DVDs on the market to help improve your skills.

In general, there is a large amount of other sports equipment you can pick up which would help not just with softball training but sports training in general. Sweatshirts, caps, good sports shoes and socks are all pieces of sports equipment that are similar across sports.

Other than the general equipment, if you are really into softball and plan to play professionally there is fair amount of training equipment available. Pitching mats, resistance-training gloves, the perfect circle training system, change-ups for pitchers and books and videos for mental training even are just some of the training equipment on the market.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can even scout around for used equipment or buy equipment in sales.

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