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Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance is the continual observation of a person or group, especially one suspected of doing something illegal. Today, with the advancements of modern technology there are numerous of surveillance gadgets to assist with the observation.

The Telephone Recording Control- this gadget works by recording phone conversations. When the phone is lifted or answered, the recorder starts recording the conversation and it automatically stops when the phone is hung up. This device only works with standard phone lines. It does not work with digital phone systems or multi line system. The Telephone Recording Control is easy to operate. It is installed into a tape recorder and the phone line. It can be installed anywhere and does not interfere with regular operations. Nor is it detectable. The Telephone Recording Control retails for less than $30.00.

Microphones- There is numerous types of microphones, developed to record conversations. The Shot Gun Microphone is capable of recording sounds up to 50 yards away. It can be connected to most tape recorders; The Super Sensitive Wired Pen Microphone is disguised in a common pen. The Super Sensitive Wired Pen Microphone retails for less than $130.00.

Hidden Video Cameras- The Radio Clock Hidden Video Camera is a small camera hidden inside a radio clock. It is simple to use, just plug it into an outlet and press play. It displays like any other clock radio. The Radio Clock Hidden Video Camera retails for less than $350.00; The Desktop Lamp Hidden Camera is a 3 way touch activated lamp. It provides surveillance for your home, office and any other area. The camera is very small and undetectable. The Desktop Lamp Hidden Camera retails for less than $470.00; The Motion Sensor Hidden Camera is a small color camera inside a nonfunctional motion sensor. The Motion Sensor Hidden Camera retails for less than $230.00.

For consumers seeking more information regarding surveillance equipment, there are several books and video tapes available. The books and video tapes vary on topic, but most discuss the operations of the equipment and the purpose of the equipment, along with its compatibilities.

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